Evan Marie's Notebook:
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Evan Marie's Notebook:

Welcome to my library! I take incredibly detailed notes when I work, and perhaps they can be useful to others. Here you can find in-depth lecture and course notes as well as code from various classes that have been incredibly useful in my dive into data science, machine learning, deep learning, Python, and more. I hope these resources can be useful for you as they are for me!
Evan Marie online:

Note: These documents are very long, so be sure to utilize the tables of contents in each one whenever available to find the different sections within them. I take very detailed notes and try to incorporate as many visualizations as possible. So it can make for some very lengthy PDFs and Jupyter notebooks. Enjoy!

Evan's Custom Jupyter Helper Functions: Jupyter | HTML

Data Science: Pandas, Models, and Algorithms

Python and Algorithms

Jovian: Data Structures and Algorithms (Lecture Notes)

Jovian: Data Structures and Algorithms (Jupyter Notebooks)

Advanced Python with Patrick Loeber (my notebooks)

Advanced Python with Joe Marini

Socratica's Python Courses - python files as PDF

Programming with Mosh: Python for Beginners (Python files as PDF)


Harvard CS50 Computer Science (Lecture Notes)

Dynamic Programming with Avik Das (PDF Notes)

Dynamic Programming with Avik Das (Jupyter PDF)

Unix Essentials with Kevin Skoglund

Learning Regular Expressions with Kevin Skoglund

Customized Documentation Notebooks

The following notebooks are compilations I have made from the documentation for the various modules and libraries. They contain the original documentation as well as some experiments of my own with the modules. I put these together as a means of digesting and practicing working with the modules. I claim no ownership over any of the text or code in the following notebooks. The materials belong to each respective module's team.

IPyWidgets Module: HTML | Jupyter | Gist | GitHub

IPython Display Module: HTML | Jupyter | Gist | GitHub

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