🤯 From Python & Pandas to React.js

🤯 From Python & Pandas to React.js
Photo by Stephen Radford / Unsplash

The chosen image for this piece reflects the only slightly metaphorical dumpster fire that I have been for the last 2 days as I dive oh-so-deeply into React.js with Vite and Typescript.  It is not an altogether horrible experience. In fact, the React part has been enjoyable. But trying to deploy the results of my first little React endeavor, attempting to persuade AWS to work with me, and numerous other deployment challenges...well, those turned my happy little learning journey into said dumpster fire.

But alas, I found Netlify after spending an entire Saturday trying every other option I could think of, including GitHub Pages, which sadly just COULD NOT build and deploy the app no matter how I tried. However, thanks to Netlify, now I am happy and can tell you all about my pursuits into the world of app development.

As you might have read in my previous post: I am extremely excited to learn these new skills. And at first, it was just JavaScript. But after a number of respected friends and colleagues suggested React, I decided to try my hand at it. The first 3 or 4 courses I tried were absolutely horrible. I won't name names, but UGH! I would have QUIT if I had continued pursuing those routes.

And then I remembered Mosh Hamedani. For those of you who do not know of him, that is so sad! He is so great! Let me tell you all about him!  Mosh is a fantastic developer turned programming guru and mentor. He teaches literally millions of students. And he is REALLY GOOD. He was the first person who put me at ease back when I first started Python. So when I saw that he has a number of React courses, not to mention just about everything else under the sun, I quickly subscribed to his website and got started. (And I am definitely going to learn Angular and a number of others from him as well!! SO EXCITE!)

When I was learning Python with Mosh, it was not such a big deal. His YouTube videos gave me everything I needed. I went from those to diving into huge data science courses and thus set off into the world of data! But React and app development is a whole different animal. I need in depth explanation of what on earth is going on at every turn. And Mosh gives me all that and more.

Mosh's courses move quickly, so I have been pausing after every hour or so of the first React course to practice the new material for several hours with the help of ChatGPT basically there to drill me on the concepts. And today, Flipper (my pet name for ChatGPT) and I created this! It is my first React app baby! (<= Click the link or on the image below to check her out!)


And yes, she is simple (as it has been only 2 days), but I am just over here drilling useState(), so cut a girl some slack, ok? 😁 The important thing is: I love what I am working on, in spite of how challenging it is due to being so different than anything else I have done before. But that is part of what makes it so great. It is as if I am learning an entirely new culture, and I can take this as far as I can possibly imagine going. And with my imagination, well, that means infinity.

So check back soon for more developments! I have not checked out of the data science world. In fact, these endeavors are how I am going to bring you more data in more beautiful ways! Are you excited?! I am!!

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