🧮 Algorithmic Problem Solving

🧮 Algorithmic Problem Solving
Photo by Eric Nopanen / Unsplash

The problem:

There are n points on a road you are driving your taxi on. The n points on the road are labeled from 1 to n in the direction you are going, and you want to drive from point 1 to point n to make money by picking up passengers. You cannot change the direction of the taxi.

The passengers are represented by a 0-indexed 2D integer array rides, where rides[i] = [starti, endi, tipi] denotes the ith passenger requesting a ride from point starti to point endi who is willing to give a tipi dollar tip.

For each passenger i you pick up, you earn endi - starti + tipi dollars. You may only drive at most one passenger at a time.

Given n and rides, return the maximum number of dollars you can earn by picking up the passengers optimally.

Note: You may drop off a passenger and pick up a different passenger at the same point.