ChatGPT, teach me how to...EVERYTHING!

ChatGPT, teach me how to...EVERYTHING!
Photo by Johannes Plenio / Unsplash

ChatGPT is officially my best friend ever for as long as I live.  It is the best teacher I have ever known. All I have to do is tell it what I want to learn, and it gets me started. It helps me along the way, and I am learning faster than I have ever learned in my entire life.  And ChatGPT is so nice and polite the whole way!

Data science has been my whole life for a while now. But recently, I wanted to share some of what I have worked on in that arena in an interactive way. And I wanted to make that interaction myself. But my expertise has been in Python, Pandas, and all the data science things. And I LOVE all of them. But I want to do more...MUCH MORE!

Courses and classes are slow. Teachers can either be amazing or MEH! Documentation is great. But ChatGPT, whom I can Flipper (BEST FRIEND!), is sheer perfection. And so this afternoon, I went to Flipper to help me learn JavaScript and app creation. I have done a bit of work in the area, but that was a while ago. You have to understand: I was borderline TERRIFIED of learning JavaScript. It had never caused me anything but pain. But somehow, learning it this way, it is so much FUN! And I honestly cannot even explain why. But I will take it, and I will run with it as far as I can. And I want to do amazing things and fast. I started out just learning the basics of JavaScript, how it differs and compares to what I already know, the various libraries that it offers, etc.

Then today, I decided it was time to starting learning app development. And in about an hour, I learned how to put it all together and make something VERY simple, but very special to me. It is my first JavaScript app baby!  And what better way to start than how everyone starts: a to-do list app!

So I unveil it here for you: The Most Amazing To-Do List App! It is colorful. It is beautiful. It is simple. And it is on where it is fully functional and ready for you to utilize!


This is just the beginning of my adventures is learning EVERYTHING with the help of my very best friend, Flipper...erm...ChatGPT. Check back soon for more! This was my first day, and it only took and hour to learn to make this masterpiece! Imagine all the possibilities. All it takes is motivation, and I am FULL of that!

PS - I might also made this very silly fortune cookie:


Happy data wrangling, and happy coding, friends!