About Evan Marie:

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I am the kind of person who...

knows how to enjoy good entertainment and have fun, but would much rather be the one doing something cutting-edge, creating something new and exciting, or taking part in something big and bold. I am the kind of person who does not mind debugging code or algorithmic concepts in my sleep, because the vast majority of the time, solving a problem is far more rewarding than those extra hours of sleep would have been. I am someone who is always working to top my last achievement. I compete only with myself, because I am my best competition.  I know that ideas are great, but execution and bringing ideas to reality is what truly matters and makes an impact. I am someone who believes in true wisdom and perseverance and knows that those are what make anything possible.

My background

Once upon a time, I was an opera singer, a voice teacher, a singer-songwriter, a music theory nerd, and a guitarist and pianist. And then the world fell apart around me. 2020 happened, and everything stopped, in the whole world around me and especially in my own life. But then data science saved me. I know it sounds strange, because it IS strange. What can I say? I am an outlier!

Data Science

I LOVE data science! And when I say "love", I am not throwing that word around. I mean "LOVE"! I am absolutely captivated by what a skilled practitioner can gather from sometimes seemingly infinite rows and columns of data. And I immerse myself in the practice fully. I love the algorithms. I love the process, start to finish! I love seeing if I can get just ONE more tenth of a percent accuracy on my testing data! (Although, I would rather a whole percent.)

Machine Learning

I do not want to sound too enthusiastic, but I truly am. I do not see it as being too much though. Because machine learning is where it is at!  It is all unfolding RIGHT now! And I see these next few decades as having the potential to be incredibly revolutionary in any field that puts machine learning to work, especially with skilled data scientists who truly love the algorithms and dancing with the data to read between every row and find relationships that perhaps no one every even considered before. Knowledge is true power!

Data Visualization

I find it very surprising that with as much control as there is over the plots and visualizations that more people do not take the few minutes necessarily to make theirs truly stunning. I do. And I find it to be one of the most rewarding parts of this profession. Matplotlib and Seaborn are my besties!

Computer Vision Makes Me Giddy:

The moment I started working on computer vision projects, I knew it would be hard to even get myself to go to sleep at night from then on. That is how immersed I get in the work. The vastness of the possibilities and the generous feedback I get from the models keep me always wanting to do go farther!

Video slideshow of GAN-generated flowers over 200 epochs of training.

Feel free to contact me.

I am always eager to discuss opportunities and ideas. Please do  not hesitate to reach out! Who knows what could come of it!

Evan Marie online:
EvanMarie@Proton.me | Linked In | GitHub | Hugging Face | Glitch | Mastadon | Jovian.ai | TikTok | CodeWars | Discord ⇨ ✨ EvanMarie ✨#6114